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Scientific Renaissance

Callback truth of science in overloaded commercial society

Converge world’s top scientists to deliver 3-hour class

Advocate “New Scientific Renaissance”

No Education, Only Learning

No Education, Only Learning

Travel to the world's significant scientific centers

Refuse to preach

Learning by doing

Explore the limits of science and enjoy the laws of nature


Uphold truth of science, explore ultimate goal of human development

Trigger transboundary reactions by biology, artificial intelligence, materials, design and other fields

Travel to the world’s significant scientific centers, unify the inner knowledge and action, study the nature of things

Seek the balance among innovation, science, technology and business

Board Member

Board Member

GASA Class Scene GASA Class Scene

From Class 2017

GASA University provides much more than just academic journey. It helps me to reconstruct and upgrade my thinking framework. No textbook or newspapers at home can elaborate the knowledge like GASA’s onsite classes.

- Xinjun Liang, CO-founder & Former CEO, Fosun International

It’s well worth the trip simply for a lesson of Andrew Ng! Moreover, there are a dozen of outstanding professors like him provide lectures in GASA. They explain profound theories in simple language, presenting you with the clearest scientific version and future.

- Alex Zheng, Founder & Chairman, Co-Win Capital

I came to GASA to master the rules behind science and technology. Only by understanding how it works and why it happens can one truly learn better.

- Arnold Fu, Founder & CEO, Hujiang Online Education

GASA University enables me to connect with the top-tier experts around the world, to analyze the trends and understand the inner driving forces behind every industry from various perspectives. It’s true that different people tend to have different understandings about cultures and the future. This diversity helps me a lot.

- Robert Xiao, CEO, Perfect World investment & Holding Group

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Class 2017

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